Monday, September 5, 2011

R.J. Anderson, Ultraviolet, 2011

My teenage daughter seemed to be so absorbed while reading this. When she finished I started reading it out of curiosity. Once I begun, I could not put it down and read the 400 pages in a single weekend. 

The novel is a mixture of adventure, romance and science fiction. It touches upon psychiatric treatment and its legal issues, as well as astrophysics and time travel. I learned about, synesthesia, an interesting and extraordinary neurological condition. The story reminded me that it does not take much to make normal people insane: Just take their freedom away or make them submit to therapy involuntarily.

The book is sprinkled with some interesting messages:
·        There are a lot of things that we do not know about the people we associate with and there is usually an explanation why some behave weirdly. We should not be judgmental.
·        It often helps if we get out of our way and spend some time to get to know people around us better. Sometimes friends are not really friends while adversaries are not really enemies.
·        We appreciate and love the people that accept us and value us the way we are.

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